SoSmart and partner company Meridya Engineering which is established at 2013 in Turkey, has produced high technology products and R&D projects in the area of software and electronics since its foundation.

SoSmart Software and Engineering Ltd. has been executing Voice over ip communication, Radio over Ip communication, Industrial IOT, Communication system design and production, R&D in electronics and information technologies, in addition to system integration, project based embedded systems design, mobile development and electronic production. With around 10 years of experience, SoSmart operates on following areas of public and private sectors:

  • Electronic card design and production
  • System integration and maintanance engineering
  • Voice over ip pbx systems
  • Sip/Webrtc client softwares
  • Radio over ip
  • Electronic communication and information systems design and production
  • Air traffic management systems design and production
  • Communication systems design and production
  • Meteorological dataloggers and data transfer units
  • Industrial dataloggers and data transfer units
  • Educational Services
  • Embedded software and system designs
  • Mobile development
  • Software development
  • Opensource electronic cards and softwares for training new engineers

Sosmart is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and its sister company called Meridya Engineering is headquartered in Mersin, Turkey. SoSmart company has been operating in Turkey since 2013 under the name Meridya Engineering. As of 2020, it started to operate in the United Kingdom under the name SoSmart Software Engineering.