Voice Communication and Control Systems

SoSmart-VCCS is a voice communication control system designed to be used in military and civilian Ground Radio Station (GRS) applications, such as Air Traffic Control (ATC), maritime communication systems, mobile communication control centers, emergency management and tactical communication systems.

SoSmart-VCCS uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to interconnect and operate radios with ISDN, PSTN, GSM, SIP, satellite etc. networks. Modular design SoSmart-VCCS is ideal for using in critical applications because of its configurable redundant and fail-safe architecture.

SoSmart-VCCS is fully compatible with Eurocae-ED137.

System Overview

  • VoIP based infrastructure
  • Uninterruptible communication by redundant, fail-safe architecture
  • Self-testing and remote monitoring of the system
  • Supports a wide range of communication equipment, from military radios to walkie-talkies, from Local Battery (LB) phones to smart phones
  • Supports alarm and announce systems
  • Recording of statistical data and logs
  • Call recording, filtering, playing and archiving
  • Customizable operator control software with dynamic interface design
  • System design compliant with international standards
  • Simultaneous monitoring of all the radio and telephone lines connected to the system
  • Compatibility with the mobile technologies (optional)
  • Supports satellite communication

Operator Interface

  • VMulti-language support.
  • Supports suitable physical interface according to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions
  • Wired/Wireless headset, handset, foot operator switch and dual channel monitor speakers
  • SoSmart Operator Panel allows the usage of different headset/handsets without any loss and provides switching in between
  • Push To Talk (PTT), Voice Operated Switch (VOX), and Tone Operated Switch (TOX) properties
  • Many available call functions, such as: conference, call forward/transfer, call hold, intercom, speed dial, call history, DTMF, etc.
  • Active call monitoring
  • Request Acknowledge Unit (RAU) for signaling between operators (optional)
  • Direct communication between operators (Intercom)

Administrator Panel

  • Individually gain adjusting and volume controlling, noise filtering, echo cancelling, automatic gain controlling(AGC)
  • User-preferred dynamic interface assignment for operators. Adding custom functions and shortcuts for each user or user group
  • System status monitoring and self-testing features
  • Administrator defined access restriction
  • System reconfiguration during operation
  • Call history reporting, voice recording, listening and database backing up features

Radio Interface

  • SoSmart-RadioGateway, which has a compact and modular design, provides interface for 14 different radios in 1U for 19” racks
  • Extendable radio capacity up to 56 different radios
  • Redundantly configurable radio interfaces
  • Adaptable to most of the commercial and military type radios
  • Modular SoSmart-RadioGateway cards have embedded COR detection, PTT, CTCSS, adjustable gain, amplifier and microphone boost circuit
  • Status, TX and RX indicators for each radio

Telephony Interface

  • 16 analog phone lines to be plugged redundantly. Configurable up to 64 lines
  • Supports ISDN, E1/T1, VoIP and GSM networks
  • Supports Public Address (PA) systems

Redundant Architecture

Configurable fail-safe and redundant (hot-swap) architecture for critical missions.

  • Seamless radio communication through SoSmart-RadioGateway unit.
  • Simultaneous data backup through RAID structure.
  • Redundant power supplies.
  • Redundant network structure.